[ros-dev] Build with zlib

Magnus Olsen magnus at greatlord.com
Wed Sep 5 16:42:45 CEST 2007

it beaing use for extact and compress cab files and network trafic.
zlib light compress program, that are been use for transfer data
at network level, and cab files. it also being use in allot other
area in windows. And it also being use in diffent font file
to decompress bitmap and other data.

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Subject: [ros-dev] Build with zlib

from the compilation log you can read:

[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\adler32.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\compress.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\crc32.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\gzio.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\uncompr.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\deflate.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\trees.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\zutil.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\inflate.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\infback.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\inftrees.c
[CC]       lib\3rdparty\zlib\inffast.c
[AR]       obj-i386\lib\3rdparty\zlib\zlib.a

why does it compile zlib.a (absolutely unuseful in my opinion)  instead of
zlib1.dll with its libz.a?
This log has been taken from the compilation of ReactOS and *not* from the
"make bootcd" session.


Carlo Bramini.

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