[ros-dev] Trying to push ideas (again:) )

Michael Fritscher michael at fritscher.net
Sun Sep 16 11:23:20 CEST 2007

> Running on 16-bit systems like 286/386/486 in a "ReactOS Essentials"
> (equivalent to a stripped-down XP) mode
> I am exprment with a dymatic translator betwin diffent CPU if it goes in
> the way as I like, it will posible runing any
> CPU in reactos so long the apps is writen for windows.

386 and 486 are already 32 bit cpus.
I don't think porting reactos to 16 bit would be useful, because many
structures are for 32 bit numbers. Besides of this, most 8086/286 does
only have 1 MB Ram, a few 4 MB (the theoretical maximum is 16 MB for 286)

Porting it to PowerPC or Arm would be much more usefull ;)

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