[ros-dev] Open Sound System porting

David Johnson davidjohnson.johnson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 03:30:13 CEST 2007

Do it! =) You have two weeks to have a functional alpha release.
On Sep 21, 2007, at 7:27 PM, reactos-development at silverblade.co.uk  

> Hi guys,
> I've been in touch with the guy that ported OSS to Haiku (open- 
> source BeOS)
> after some
> discussion with the folks over at #winehackers to get some help  
> with audio
> development.
> Anyway, basically the idea so far is to use OSS as a "fall-back" audio
> driver
> implementation. So unless there is a "better" driver installed (ie an
> official one for
> an audio device), ReactOS can use an Open Sound System driver instead.
> The result? There will at least be sound functionality.
> OSS is designed to be mostly platform-independent. By rewriting a  
> few of
> the core
> modules, the entire set of drivers will be able to work with whatever
> platform you
> desire.
> This can be implemented on top of the existing MME API architecture  
> for the
> moment, and
> can later be translated to use the WDM audio framework.
> Anyway, having stuck the OSS code into my local ReactOS source  
> tree, I'm
> trying to
> figure out how to get it to compile using rbuild. The first hurdle  
> I have
> come across is
> that there is extensive use of ioctl. Indeed it seems that most  
> ports of
> OSS work on
> platforms based on Posix (Unix?)
> So my main question at this time is how to handle this? The calls in
> question appear to
> be documented inside a file called "soundcard.h" in the OSS sources  
> however
> this just
> seems to be definitions for the ioctl codes. So I suspect a  
> majority of the
> drivers are
> calling ioctl.
> Therefore, I figure the best way around this is probably to provide  
> a fake
> ioctl that
> provides the expected functionality, and make this wrap  
> DeviceIoControl
> with something
> that can translate the ioctl parameters into whatever...
> The only other way I see around this is to rewrite all calls to  
> ioctl, and
> rewrite the
> IOCTL codes with NT-style ones.
> Thoughts/ideas?
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