[ros-dev] Audit

João Jerónimo j_j_b_o_j at yahoo.com.br
Sat Sep 22 20:19:36 CEST 2007

Sorry for intervining w/o being a dev... Only a point that I believe to be

Aleksey Bragin wrote:
> (...) It can't be done only with the  
> help of ReactOS Development Team, a third party code reviewer is a  
> must. We plan that too, but for later time, when there are more  
> stable modules in ReactOS.

The point of a possible 3rd party audit is raising the legal credibility of
the ReactOS project by ensuring that no tainted code is left in the source
tree, right?

Well, if the project is going to wait until more modules stabilize, won't
this stabilization process obfuscate most of the tainted source code, and
make them hard to find?

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