[ros-dev] Audit

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sun Sep 23 16:30:28 CEST 2007

You should read behind James's right-wing tone and ramblings (which,  
say what you will, is an effective means of getting his point across,  
if only by the fact it creates responses such as yours), and drill  
down to his actual not-so-insane point: SFLC is evil. FSF is evil.  
Wine is their tool.

Yes, Wine is cool and great and I use their product daily on my Mac,  
but that doesn't make them not-evil. James is simply warning you that  
although Wine may again accept us, this will only be for their own  
sinister purposes and interests, and that you should be careful.

Now you may not agree with that view, but that's James' view.

On a side note, mike_m did not "move on". He left his company.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

On 23-Sep-07, at 7:40 AM, Ged wrote:

> James Tabor wrote:
>> Wine is the Pot calling the kettle BLACK! Bunch of RE coders using  
>> smoke and
>> mirrors when it comes to case testing! It's a easy out!
> Can we please stop using our mailing list to bad mouth Wine, I do no
> want to be tainted under the same brush.
> Most of the ReactOS developers don't agree with your right wing  
> view of
> Wine, in fact many of us, myself included, have the oposite view.
> Wine are a fanastic project from whom we owe a great deal.
> Just because they choose to do things differently from your idealistic
> way doesn't mean it's bad or wrong. They have their own interests to
> protect and quite frankly that has nothing to do with us.
> I agree with Aleksey, we must adopt their way of working in the  
> hope of
> rebuilding the bridges and additionally improving our credability  
> within
> the open source world. If this means offering ourselves to an external
> audit, then so be it. We can't be a hobbiest project forever if we aim
> to bring ReactOS to the public sector as a viable alternative to  
> Windows.
> ReactOS is getting to a stage now where we have to look at how the  
> world
> would best accept us as an entity. We need public support, we need
> financial backing and we need to alter the project to make us more
> appealing for such things. We should listen to Aleksey, I think he's
> moving the project down the right path.
> Your continual barage against Wine is no different than we used to
> recieve from Mike, the only difference being, Mike has moved on now.
> Ged.
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