[ros-dev] when will I return Magnus Olsen aka GreatLord

KJK::Hyperion hackbunny at reactos.org
Tue Jun 17 15:45:42 CEST 2008

Aleksey Bragin ha scritto:
> I indeed disabled write access of account "greatlrd" to /trunk (with 
> exception to rostests module, and all branches and tags), because of too 
> high commit/revert, hack-commit, untested commits ratio (just simply 
> calculate that from a svn log, accessible by everyone), and ignore of 
> simple reactos development rules (common sense being one of them).

I don't like the idea of developers being "granted" special status. We 
need a new development model, granted, but I don't like developers being 
singled out as guinea pigs, as a form of punishment even

> However, not to discourage Magnus, I remained silent about this, and 
> proposed a better way to work: his commits are always going into the 
> branch, where someone (including me) could review them fix spelling and 
> code formatting, and apply to trunk if necessary.

Yes but you don't need to remove his trunk privileges for that. Surely 
Magnus is a decent human being who can be reasoned with, and who could 
agree to that on his own free will. To me, this sets a bad precedent and 
raises an issue of trust

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