[ros-dev] when will I return Magnus Olsen aka GreatLord

James Tabor jimtabor.rosdev at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 15:08:33 CEST 2008


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 5:49 AM, KJK::Hyperion <hackbunny at reactos.com> wrote:
> Alex Ionescu ha scritto:
>> Man, I wonder where you guys were when I was getting shit for breaking
>> the kernel due to *valid* changes.... and cooperating.
> I was in the channel arguing that you were valuable enough to overlook
> the occasional breakage streaks. I wasn't the asshole I am today, or I
> would have done more than just suggest that, whisper whisper, if you
> keep this up, Alex might just... maybe... you know... AHEM AHEM leave
>> Both greatlord and I were massive regressors, but also massive
>> changers... that doesn't make it RIGHT though. It was probably wrong
>> even during my time... I can't get away by saying "ah yes, but my
>> changes were correct!!!!"
> I dreaded the idea of you leaving in the middle of your activity peak.
> There are better ways, I'd wager, to channel a skilled developer's
> enthusiasm than whips and reins
> Magnus is being singled out as a guinea pig for the new development
> model, as a way to make up for past wrongs (or because Aleksey had a bad
> day). I can't accept this, it's arbitrary and uncomfortable. I'd leave
> too in this situation
If this is the new and improved ReactOS?,,, One reason to hate wine,
so let'us become the thing we most hate.

> The standards for trunk quality are too arbitrary. All developers should
> have trunk rights nevertheless, for emergency fixes, but there must be
> standards. A checklist. Automated regression testing and continuous
> integration, because not everyone can test changes on all supported
> build and runtime environments
LOL!!! HAaaahaaahahhaaaaaAAaaahh~ OMG! I just got it! If the automated
testing system would, say, pass all the test in windows 2008,,,, LOL~
does that mean our patches would always fail and the automated system
would, just, like kick them out anyway? Phuc! lets do it! Sounds like
fun! Oh, weez a-bit see-re-usz now~

Okay, it official! The new development model is unaccepted, I'm going
to use the GLP to enforce that right. It is all or nothing and a vote
will not do! The consensus is a stalemate so the move is disapproved.
The ONEs that disagree are welcomed to fork the tree. ReactOS stays as
it always, FREE and OPEN! A collective controls the source not one.

Get back to work, we have a release coming due.

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