[ros-dev] Grievance

James Tabor jimtabor.rosdev at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 00:21:29 CEST 2008

Grievance: Cease and Desist Request: Standard Resolution Procedure:

1) The Project Coordinator Should attempt to make decisions according
to the consensus of the Project Members.
Mr. Bragin is making procedural changes with out the full consensus of
all Project Members.

2) The Repository Coordinator Should make decisions which are fair and
reasonable, and preferably consistent with the consensus of the
Project Members.
Due to the unfilled Repository Coordinator position, Mr. Bragin has
assumed full control of that position and making decisions with out
the full consensus of all Project Members.

3)  General rules:
a) Violation of first rule: Project Coordinator issued change orders,
Project Members began working on the changes. These changes are
against the general consensus among the Project Members. Reference:

b) Violation of second rule: Project Coordinator banned Project Member
with out the ability to rejoin the Project at any time.

c) Violation of third rule: Project Coordinator assumed full control
of Repository Coordinator position and used that position to remove
access to a Project Member.

Adhering to: Standard Resolution Procedure: The procedure: The
procedure begins when a draft General Resolution is announced on a
public Project mailing list. Which no other rule can apply, I hereby
request a Cease and Desist until this Grievance is heard by all
Project Members. Project Members have a contractual agreement and must
abide by it.

PS: This is a very serious mater and not at all a joke. If this
project has any merit, it needs to resolve these issues in the open.

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