[ros-dev] Reactos booting to CLI

Marc Piulachs marc.piulachs at codexchange.net
Mon Mar 17 02:45:15 CET 2008

As we know Windows (at least till Windows 7) was designed to be a GUI based
operating system. All applications can safely assume that the windowing
subsystem is running.


Windows/Reactos can run native applications without starting the windowing
subsystem like usetup during 1st stage setup but of course without having
access to Win32 apis as Win32k is not loaded. AFAIK win32k is designed to be
the main subsystem and is the responsible of starting the windowing
subsystem so my question is . Would be technically possible to have a
striped win32k version without the GUI code? + command line enabled
winlogon, syssetup etc.. so you can boot and run cli based applications like
cmd.exe ? what other parts of the boot process relay on having the GUI


It's more of a design curiosity question rather than a real request




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