[ros-dev] Job offer: Linux tool to create a valid Windows Registry hive file

gedmurphy gedmurphy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 22:55:14 CET 2008

Filip is having trouble sending mails to ros-dev. He asked me to forward this on his behalf.

Matthias Kupfer wrote:
> I would like to do this, if there is no other (experienced) developer 
> interested in. An additional information for interested developers, 
> you can't simply use the cmlib, because W2K use the old hive format -
> in other words cmlib-created hives can't be read in W2K systems...

There was several hive format versions. For me the "old format" is
the one that was used in pre NT4 version and that's the only one
that couldn't be accessed by cmlib. As far as I know the "fast
indexes" were added in W2K and that's really the only new feature
that mkhive generates, so there's no reason why the hives wouldn't
be Windows 2000 compatible.
We talked about the mkhive issues with Aleksey, Alex and Ged in the
past and the conclusion was that the only missing thing is generating
of security descriptors. It shouldn't be hard to do.
The harder part is testing though. The best way to test the hives
is to use the regedit Load Hive function and attached kernel
debugger with breakpoint on the hive loading function.
Best regards,
Filip Navara

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