[ros-dev] Job offer: Linux tool to create a valid Windows Registry hive file

Martin v. Wittich martin.von.wittich at iserv.eu
Thu Nov 20 16:15:12 CET 2008

gedmurphy wrote:
> Have a look at mkhive in the reactos /tools folder.
> This does exactly what you need, reading inf files and building a resulting
> hive.
> The only problem to this being usable for you right away, is the fact that
> the resulting hive can't be read by the NT kernel.
> However, as Filip stated, adding security attributes should fix this.

Yes, I read about that. Unfortunately nobody here in our company knows
how to do that and the time it would take us to figure this out would
"cost" us more than simply paying someone who has this know-how.

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