[ros-dev] Brainstorming about testing team, roadmap and ReactOS usability

Timo Kreuzer timo.kreuzer at web.de
Wed Apr 8 21:24:18 CEST 2009

One of the current issues that makes ReactOS completely useless for real
stuff is not that it cannot run app X or game Y or doesn't support my
network adapter. The most annoying thing is it's instability.
You have no chance to use any of the great features, because most likely
reactos crashes before you are at that point.
Try downloading something that is > 300MB, or installing a bigger
application... good luck :(
It just crashes way too often. We all know our crappy Cc and yes, I know
win32k also crashes from time to time.
And after a crash it's quite likely that things don't work anymore  (for
example downloader) and you need to reinstall reactos. If we could fix
that, the system would look much better than it does today.
Before a 0.4, we should start a stability offensive.
It would also improve developing, because the crashes can really be a
pain when it comes to testing something. Excessive testing is more or
less impossible, because of all the crashes.

Just my 2 cents,

Steven Edwards schrieb:
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 6:06 AM, Aleksey Bragin <aleksey at reactos.org> wrote:
>> Background information: In the past and nowadays work in ReactOS is
>> getting done "as it flows". E.g. if we get developers, who wanted to
>> implement sound support, would do it, and we advertise this in a
>> release. Or, like Evgeniy Boltik who shows a nice cooperation with
>> Timo, Jim and Ged on fixing various nasty palette and drawing issues
>> which were not touched for a few years, often fixing errors
>> introduced in revisions like 1000 or 4000.
>> There is no central plan, just a very rough roadmap, mainly
>> relatively short-term.
> Everyone is doing a great job nailing down these issues!
> <snip>
>> This involves, first of all, getting hardware support at a decent
>> level. From a billion of personal computers in the world, we could
>> easily support the most common hardware without need to develop
>> complex drivers or different HALs. Even SATA would not really be a
>> strong requirement, since most of PCs have IDE compatibility mode,
>> which many non-technical people even forget to switch to "SATA" mode
>> in the BIOS when installing their Windows OS! Again Linux's
>> philisophy could help us: they are proud that their hardware is Linux-
>> compatible, while we are embarrased that "our OS doesn't support
>> specific hardware". Feel the difference.
> Yes its a mental shift, but a hard one to adopt. ReactOS having more
> value over other operating systems is the selling point. Linux has
> been able to show its value over Windows in certain situations, and
> that value is greater than the hardware support value. An example,
> Google runs Linux, Google could not have built its network running
> Windows due to licensing costs. Therefore Linux has more value than
> Windows in that situation. It makes it worth the effort to find
> hardware that is Linux compatible.
> ReactOS related comments at the end....
> <snip>
>> What we thought would work good so far is a list of working apps. As
>> Olaf said: "it'll be ugly, not scientifically statistically fine,
>> crude comparing to wine appdb and limited. Bit it can be done". The
>> amount of text to enter for an app entry must be as minimal as
>> possible: app name, platform (real hardware, emulator), bug number in
>> bugzilla for possible issues (max. 2 bugs for one entry).
>> Also, no division for "installs, but doesn't start" or "works only
>> via manual installation". Either it works, or it doesn't, no
>> intermediate stages.
>> As we thought later, it may even be just three columns: appname, ROS
>> revision, Comments.
> I agree with this. All software has bugs. I think the (Works/Does Not
> Work) is a point of view, of 'can I use this software even with its
> bugs?'. If yes, then it works. If not, then it does not work.
> Now back to the value thing. Windows costs money, ReactOS can now run
> hardware GL and Wine DirectX in select virtual machines. If you want
> to show the value of ReactOS its time to make ReactOS run as many
> Windows games as possible in these virtual machines on Apple Hardware.
> This will save OS X users the need to dual boot or acquire a Windows
> license. Also hardware support is not a big problem, which again helps
> us. This is the future.

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