[ros-dev] Development plans for May

François Revol revol at free.fr
Tue Apr 28 21:09:44 CEST 2009


> - USB support for keyboard and mouse devices. Right now, it needs  
> fixing the rare crash during booting (bug is bugzilled, comment  
> explaining how to solve the problem is attached, some investigation  
> remains), and more testing on real hardware.

The USB webcam project wasn't picked up for GSoC, but the offer still 
stands, once you get enough USB support :)

> - Sound support: Johannes knows best, but getting any progress with  
> sound by 0.3.10 release date is greatly appreciated.

Same, I'd be happy to help porting OSSv4 to get you more drivers :)

> - Videocards support: Olaf performs some tesitng and bugreporting.  
> Third party drivers support is rather weak, http://www.reactos.org/ 
> wiki/index.php/Supported_Hardware/Video_cards , and usually is  
> limited by VMWare's video driver which is being one of the most  
> supported through the ReactOS development history.

Btw, svn version of QEMU (I should say git now, the aGITated devs 
switched from svn...) now supports vmware video.


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