[ros-dev] [ros-diffs] [cfinck] 39353: Gabriel Ilardi(gabrielilardi at hotmail.it) - Allow only one instance ofTask-Manager to be run at the same time See issue #3976 formore details.

Colin Finck mail at colinfinck.de
Wed Feb 4 16:03:48 CET 2009

Alex Ionescu wrote:
> This won't be compatible with Windows applications.

Well, I can only quote Timo on this matter:

"Surely we all trust you and you are probably right, but if you want me to
be *convinced*, you will hopefully answer my 3 questions:
1.) With what exactly [this won't be compatible]?
2.) Why [won't it be compatible]?
3.) Do you have a better suggestion?

ps: I assume that you have been in a hurry, that didn't allow you to be more
specific in the first instance."

Best regards,


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