[ros-dev] [ros-diffs] [dgorbachev] 41788: "Fix" MDL PROBE FAILED! bug #4663.

KJK::Hyperion hackbunny at reactos.org
Tue Jul 7 17:37:47 CEST 2009

Dmitry Gorbachev wrote:
>> I just want to make it 100% clear that I will neither investigate nor
>> fix this bug. ReactOS cannot depend on a piece of code that a single
>> person understands. Become a SEH/PSEH expert and fix it. Do it before
>> the PSEH author is hit by a bus, while he can still help you
> I can not guarantee, after becoming a SEH/PSEH expert, I will not be
> struck by a car, too. :)

Clearly we need another volunteer. Stefan? do you want to get hit by a

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