[ros-dev] Integration of ultracopier to reactOS

alpha_one_x86 alpha_one_x86 at first-world.info
Mon Nov 2 05:59:25 CET 2009

On Monday 02 November 2009 05:38:01 Love Nystrom wrote:
> Well for starters, Windows Explorer aborts the entire copy list as soon
> as it hits
> any little snag, instead of continuing with the rest of the files in the
> list.
> This behavior is of course totally unacceptable, but MS won't fix it.
> I think ReactOS can do better, but not at the cost of pulling in Qt et.al.
> We should (naturally) use pure Win32 and native threads.

I agrea with you.
For example if intergration of software like supercopier it's 1MB more + 2KB 
on the explorer, but need wait respect the standard (both supercopier, and 
reactOS explorer)

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