[ros-dev] [ros-diffs] [cgutman] 44286: - Initialize SocketError to 0 to prevent a bogus error from GCC

Thomas Bluemel thomas at reactsoft.com
Thu Nov 26 01:09:07 CET 2009

If a compiler finds it too complex to determine whether a variable was 
initialized or not, you're probably better off initializing it 
unconditionally.  I don't quite see what this has to do with a code 
review apart from identifying such potentially buggy code (why write it 
in such a way in the first place?).  After fixing it there's no point in 
reviewing it over and over again, so there's really no reason for such 
an ugly macro.

KJK::Hyperion wrote:
> Thomas Bluemel wrote:
>> What's the point of wrapping these initializations into macros?
> in Microsoft (and elsewhere in the "REAL WORLD") they have a thing
> called a "CODE REVIEW"
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