[ros-dev] Roadmap I'm sticking to

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Thu Apr 8 21:26:43 CEST 2010

I already said all that half a year ago. Let's move on to actually  
making a usable OS.
Otherwise it's gonna be another chapter in the history of ReactOS  
called "Endless Debates" about what way is better :-)


On Apr 8, 2010, at 10:27 PM, victor martinez wrote:

> Hi,
> Well..I have been here just for a year and a half, and it is pretty  
> obvious that we are not following any "direction" to achieve  
> something in common.We are making progress in our own,sometimes  
> without telling to the others and sometimes introducing regressions  
> 1week before a release thanks to a critical rewrite. Or We are  
> disappearing without telling to anyone.
> We==Testers&&Developers&&Translators&&Designers&&TheCommunity.
> I will use this email to state,mainly, that i want to be part of a  
> team with an objective, so i offer all my testing help (including  
> those parts i hate to test) to achieve a common goal.I offer my  
> Testing time as Real Testing time and not as a Hobbie.
> Maybe we should try to discuss how to reach that goal,and decide 
> (all of us) which is the best way to have something working. I dont  
> know if the correct approach is called Arwinss,Yarotows,WTF!(Want  
> To Finish!) or whatever.The real approach is the final User. And  
> the final User "demands" a workable OS asap.We are making this as a  
> hobbie, but also trying to give a product to the mass(I hope).
> We are not acting as a Community,neither me.
> The time to find a way has arrived imo.It´s quite discouraging  
> finding this mess. Discouraging for testers and Discouraging for  
> Devs. In the latest half year we have lost some Testers because  
> lack of motivation.And it is called "Road to Nowhere". Devs arrives  
> to ReactOS Project and they seem to leave quite easy,why?.
> I hope this time we can all sit and try to find a real  
> solution,deciding which is the Goal (a Hobbie,an OS?),which is the  
> way(comfortable?difficult?no way?hiring internal devs?hiring  
> external devs?knocking sponsors doors?),and which things are needed  
> to complete it(money?motivation?a Bugzilla Testing Week?a RSOC 
> (ReactOS Summer Of Code)?).
> Summing up, finding a WHOLE solution to this project called ReactOS.
> I think it is not just matter of a Roadmap.
> No having a Roadmap(or Milestones) is just the result, not the root  
> of the problems.
> Thanks for the 3 minutes.
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