[ros-dev] Roadmap I'm sticking to

James Tabor jimtabor.rosdev at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 04:20:06 CEST 2010

Hi Aleksey!

 On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Aleksey Bragin <aleksey at reactos.org> wrote:
> I already said all that half a year ago. Let's move on to actually making a
> usable OS.

What have we learn?

What I have seen so far, is the same issues with porting wine over to
ReactOS being addresses again with arwinss. Still using the rest of
ReactOS other than the "Big Three" is still using ReactOS. There are
minor drawing enhancements, but understanding the drawing interface we
already have is still X based so this is not a big "Look See! ReactOS
Sux" thing. Working with this type of glue logic is not surprising to
me at all,,, I predicted it, didn't I?

What we really need to do with Win32k!

Other than the current developers starting to suffer under the HBS
(Hartmut Birr Syndrome), this project needs to go back to 2006 and
re-look, rethink, repent or just change your mind about where ReactOS
is going. Go back and do what Alex asked us to do from the start and
not allow anyone else to interfere with the process. I personally
allowed Magnus to derail the objectives I had laded out to reach the
goal we had set out , and I am responsible for that with the thought
it was going to work. Now looking back at my mistake I know how to fix
these issues with ReactOS. Getting it close to but not the same with
glue logic emulations, is good enough for me and still today this is
how I develop and write the interface. With little knows (structures
and public symbols) it can and has been done and what has been written
is prof of principle.

Today on the phone, I had a colleague ask me "why ReactOS was in so
much disarray"? "Did any microsoft guys get access to the project and
started to break things"? "You know this is what they do". This was
his evaluation from testing the current trunk I had built for him last

We have a choice and when you make it, stay on that side,

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