[ros-dev] I need help fixing rbuild and testing builds on *nix machines!

Eric Kohl eric.kohl at t-online.de
Fri Apr 23 15:09:32 CEST 2010

Hi Alesey,

the patch isnt't that large so I attached it.

Here is a description about how to build and test the new inflib:

The modification consists of three parts:
1) newinflib.zip: Contains the newinflib library and should be extracted 
  in the lib directory.
2) newinflib.diff: Contains the required changes to the existing files 
and should be applied to the projects root directory.
3) rbuild.diff: Contains the changes to build rbuild using newinflib 
instead of inflib. This file should be applied to the projects root 

After extracting newinflib.zip and applying newinflib.diff usetup and 
mkhive will use newinflib instead of inflib. You can test this by 
booting a newly built BootCD or LiveCD after converting a 
boot/bootdata/hive*_i386.inf file to Unicode.

After applying rbuild.diff rbuild will fail to build because 
syssetupgenerator.cpp needs to be converted to use the Unicode API.

In order to test if rbuild handles Unicode files correctly you can 
convert media/inf/syssetup.inf.tpl to Unicode and run a full rebuild. 
The generated file output-i386/media/inf/syssetup.inf should be a 
Unicode file.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!


Aleksey Bragin wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> please attach the patch here, if it's under 250kb.
> WBR,
> Aleksey.
> On Apr 23, 2010, at 1:42 PM, Eric Kohl wrote:
>> Hi!
>> In order to fix bug #2482 I needed to make inflib Unicode-aware. My 
>> local ReactOS setup is curently able to build Boot-CD and Live-CD 
>> using Unicode hive*.inf files.
>> Rbuild is the only tool that still uses the original inflib. Could 
>> someone who knows more about C++ and STL than I do have a look at 
>> rbuild and make it work with the new inflib?
>> I can provide a patch that includes newinflib (Unicode-aware inflib) 
>> and  my changes to usetup and mkhive.
>> I also need someone who can test the whole patch on a *nix machine. 
>> Any volunters?
>> Regards,
>> Eric
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