[ros-dev] Regression since rev. 46042 from sir_richard

mrnobo1024 mrnobo1024 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 19:21:15 CEST 2010

This bug is a lot older than that, I can't remember thread list ever not being crash-prone.

From 0.3.11 livecd:

←[7h♣Entered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808c6fb6.
kdb:> proc list
  PID         State       Filename
 *0x00000004  In Memory   System
  0x00000044  In Memory   smss.exe
  0x0000007c  In Memory   csrss.exe
  0x000000a0  In Memory   winlogon.exe
  0x000000bc  In Memory   services.exe
  0x000000c4  In Memory   lsass.exe
  0x000000f0  In Memory   eventlog.exe
  0x0000010c  In Memory   spoolsv.exe
  0x00000120  In Memory   dhcp.exe
  0x0000013c  In Memory   rpcss.exe
  0x00000180  In Memory   umpnpmgr.exe
  0x00000290  In Memory   explorer.exe
kdb:> proc attach 0xa0
Attached to process 0x000000a0, thread 0x000000a4.
kdb:> thread list
  TID         State        Prior.  Affinity    EBP         EIP
 *0x000000a4  Waiting        8     0x00000001  0x0063fecc  0x7c90697a
Assertion 'TempPte.u.Long != 0' failed at ARM┬│::PAGFAULT line 161
Entered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808c6fb6.

*** Fatal System Error: 0x0000001e

Entered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808c6fbc.


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