[ros-dev] would You try to implement The Microsoft Active Accessibility standarts to The Reactos?

victor martinez vicmarcal at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 22:39:39 CET 2010

Dear ReactOS User,

First of all i am very glad to see that people is finding ReactOS useful and indeed winning some battles to Windows (at least in the Installation).We have indeed a full unattended setup, so it can get installed just pressing a Key(of course installing with default values).

When I was introducing ReactOS at Imaginatica Event (with Kjk,Elhoir and Myrjala) one guy asked us about impaired support. Really ReactOS should support any app designed for Windows, but of course it is just the theory.As i said, since that question, i got interested in finding a GPL project for improving accesibility and i found the project you linked us: NVDA screen reader.

I managed to install it in VirtualBox+AC97 driver included in our Rapps application. When i tried the first time our sound support was too green(i am talking about one year ago) and it failed. But in Octuber i recheck and i heard something!!I heard a ClonClonClin, which means NVDA is ready, but 1 second later i heard a ClinClinClon,which means an error has happened and the app was closed.

I was really interested in this comboproject: ReactOS+NVDA, since in Spain we have a quite interesting organization for impaired people called ONCE, www.once.es, which pays and supports (finantially)this kind of initiatives.So maybe we could find a mutual agreement: ReactOS improves its Kernel Sound support(to support NVDA) and ONCE wins an OpenSource OS with high accesibility.
Alternatively this initiative can be sent to Google Summer of Code (Gsoc),so janderwald or any other developer interested can win a little of money thanks to his wonderful work.

After finishing my exams i will retest this App in ROS and (why not?) in Arwinss too ;)

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