[ros-dev] FLISOL 2010

Raúl Avila Catalá raul08012 at cha.jovenclub.cu
Sat Feb 6 19:18:09 CET 2010

Andrew, thanks for answering my post. Sight, the only that it want to be
the ISO of ReactOS and your withdrawal from circulation compilation in a
CD to distribute in the FLISOL…

 succeed that my country this limited in SourceForge and cannot unload
this, also it have a connection to 8K/s for which it is staies and the
discharges finish corrupt… therefore it asks that it collaborate with
crumb and send the CD postal path ( not e-mail ).

> Please do bear in mind ReactOS is in ALPHA, i.e. not suitable for normal
> use.
> If you want such a CD, my advice would be to download the debug version of
> reactos from the website and source code then burn the two files (the ISO
> and the zip file) to a CD.
> ReactOS has one CD if I remember correctly, that does all languages (If
> I'm
> wrong please correct me)
> Also, AFAIK ReactOS has no manuals, it has SOME documentation in the wiki,
> but overall it lacks much documentation.
> 2010/2/5 Raúl Avila Catalá <raul08012 at cha.jovenclub.cu>
>> Hi for all the ReactOS community, soon brings near to him the FLISOL2010
>> and want to take the CD that appears in the ReactOS page, since the
>> discharge from tub makes to him impossible for the limited bandwidth
>> that
>> has in the island...
>> Please if some interested party in collaborating, it need a CD that it
>> contains the operative system ( in Spanish ), the source code of ReactOS
>> and some manuals ( in Spanish )...
>> I, will make oneself responsible for make copy them and distribute it
>> for
>> the happening, in order that the Cuban community that has not access to
>> the Internet can obtain " the alternative of Windows ".
>> They can me write directly to my address of post:
>> raul08012 at cha.jovenclub.cu
>> R++
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