[ros-dev] [HAL]: Regression in Real Hardware relates to HAL changes

victor martinez vicmarcal at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 10 01:23:46 CET 2010

One big regression has been detected due to the HAL changes:
Scenario: Real Hardware. One CDROM attached to IDE in Slave Mode in its own.
What happens: It bugchecks since 45324.Latest working revision known 45319.
DebugLog: http://www.reactos.org/paste/index.php/6511/
Reporter: Caemyr.
Suspicious revisions in the range (45319-45324):
45320: [HAL]: Rewrite IRQL handling. (sir_richard)
45324: [HAL]: fix HalEndSystemInterrupt prototype.(spetreolle)

Also there are users reporting problems(maybe not related) with CDRom under Vbox.
Please look at it.
Thanks :)

PS: Sorry for double posting.But i prefer this in a new thread.
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