[ros-dev] Trunk is broken

Olaf Siejka caemyr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:49:37 CET 2010

Similar thing on my real hardware, random, at shutdown:

fixme:(base\system\winlogon\sas.c:651) FIXME: Call SMSS API #1
(hal\halx86\generic\bios.c:83) HAL: An invalid V86 opcode was encountered at
address c000:989b
Entered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808db5fe.bt
<ntoskrnl.exe:db5ff (lib\rtl\i386\debug_asm.S:33 (DbgBreakPoint at 0))>
<hal.dll:36e6 (hal/halx86/generic/bios.c:197 (@HalpDispatchV86Opcode at 4))>
<hal.dll:373f (hal/halx86/generic/bios.c:230 (@HalpTrap0DHandler at 4))>

2010/2/23 James Tabor <jimtabor.rosdev at gmail.com>

> Add this one too! Random and at shutdown.
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