[ros-dev] ReactOS development cycle

Adam Kachwalla geekdundee at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 08:17:40 UTC 2010

It does sound quite short to me too. I would be quite surprised if one can  
even stick to this cycle. Remember that this is an operating system after  

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010 19:14:17 +1100, Olaf Siejka <caemyr at gmail.com> wrote:

> I do agree with Wax in general, that any cycle will be ok provided that  
> we can stick to it.
> Three month cycle would be (more/less):
> - 6 weeks of pure development (and first 4 weeks - release of the x-1  
> version);
> - 6 weeks of stabilising trunk, bugfixing, plus some finishing work on  
> features that will be included in this release;
> Seems awfully short
> Regards
> 2010/10/11 Ged Murphy <gedmurphy at gmail.com>
>> We tried it at the wrong time, trunk wasn’t ready for it.
>> If you go back over the previous discussions we had on the topic a few  
>> years ago, you’ll see that what was discussed makes >>good development  
>> sense.
>> Ged.

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