[ros-dev] ReactOS development cycle

Matthias Kupfer mkupfer at reactos.org
Mon Oct 11 09:01:37 UTC 2010


I just want drop a note regarding development cycle. As long as developers are 
volunteers we can't plan development cycles like companies with similar 
deadlines. Therefore I want to suggest following ideas:
- keep trunk always clean (no breakage, no freeze)
- make/(re)define a strategy to create releases and merge back changes to 
- split up between solutions and release-hackfixes
- set effort of changes to create a release (release related additional 
changes) in relation to release cycle time
- in general force continuous-integration-development like SCRUM-approach

We aren't enough developers for more sophisticated methods and to be honest we 
have (sometimes) to appear changes as bigger as they are. So we should apply 
KISS principle and follow the strategy to be able to make a release (almost) 
every time from trunk. For one of the next releases I suggest 
a "bug-fixing-only" release to wipe out the most annoying hackfixes and/or to 
reduce the bug list significantly. The system is quiet stable and we don't 
need to add new features in hasty manner. Maybe we can continue with applying 
waiting patches, or improve it for an integration.

Regarding the time frame, it's unimportant whether 3 months cycle or 6 months 
cycle, important for me is that we don't deviate from the cycle to much.

Best regards 


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