[ros-dev] Yarotows trunk integration

Gregor Schneider grschneider at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 18:43:39 UTC 2010


good to see the branch work back in trunk, I suspected this work would be
left to rot and finally be forgotten (like in most other experimental
branches). Altogether this looks like a huge step forward, got to test those
mode switches it once I have enough time.

One thing I noticed from the diffs is the eng/mem.c file, which exceeded my
EVIL / HACK threshold. Is this supposed to stay - especially in the context
of ARM3's to be proven awesomeness?

--- snippet ---

EngSecureMem(PVOID Address, ULONG Length)
{ return (HANDLE)-1; // HACK!!! }

EngUnsecureMem(HANDLE Mem)
{ if (Mem == (HANDLE)-1) return;  // HACK!!! }

--- snippet ---

Good work anyway, thanks to the people involved!

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