[ros-dev] Hook rewrite / regressions

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Sat Oct 30 17:07:38 UTC 2010

we have a serious regression in trunk which started 23rd of October  
with revision 49231 ("hook rewrite"). Considerable amount of time  
passed, automatic testing is not possible thus I'm afraid we are  
accumulating bugs.

I think there is a need to revert 49231 + its dependencies in trunk  
to allow automated testing to work again and also fix regressions  
caused by this rewrite, and move this rewrite to a branch if possible.

In future, it would be a good idea to:
a. Discuss such serious rewrite merges beforehand (like Timo did with  
b. Try not to merge all rewrites simulteneously.

E.g. I have to wait with heap rewrite merge (every rewrite contains a  
certain amount of bugs, by definition) even though it's fully ready.

James - could you please share your opinion? The decision is yours,  
as you are the author of that commit.

Aleksey Bragin.

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