[ros-dev] Re : Pacth: Freeldr disk geometry bug

Pierre Schweitzer pierre.schweitzer at reactos.org
Thu Sep 9 21:24:59 UTC 2010

I just rerun a testcase using two 1024MB partitions on a 2GB disk. Both were formatted to FAT32 using UBCD. Install worked (in spite of an error message when displaying partitions list), 2nd stage as well, and finally 3rd stage too.
Perhaps is that due to my changes, I dunno. Could you try to get a backtrace when screen turns black?

On more "general" remark, with ACPI enabled (uncommented #define ENABLE_ACPI in pnpmgr.c) 1st can't even reach language selection page when they are several partitions on a disk.


> Hello Sylvain,
> could you please try to create two partitions on a disk? As far as I can 
> see, the 2nd stage setup should freeze with a black screen.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> > Hello Eric,
> > 
> > I successfully tested your patch with Vmware, Vbox and Qemu-kvm.
> > Hdd sizes tested : 400MB (Qemu), 1.5 GB and 3GB (all three for these 2)
> > Each one of these 7 tests installed and goes to 3rd stage.
> > 
> >  Kind regards,
> > Sylvain Petreolle
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