[ros-dev] Windows & ReactOS installed simultaneously

Olaf Siejka caemyr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 09:38:16 UTC 2010

I find combination of words "Maya", "project" and "active" highly hilarious.

2010/9/14 Adam Kachwalla <geekdundee at gmail.com>

> I'm sure Maya Posch has a highly active project called the ReactOS
> Synthesis Project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/reactos-synth/) which
> is supposed to patch a Windows install with ReactOS files - apparently it
> isn't dead yet and even she herself says that. And it's only been 795 days
> since that message, so it must be pretty well up to date.
> I think it might be possible - but only to the extent where you're using
> the Windows bootloader. I've never tried it though.
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