[ros-dev] 0.3.12 TODO list

Olaf Siejka caemyr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 17:41:05 UTC 2010

As we progress into regression fixing, we are now in the good moment to
decide upon upcoming release. It would be great if we could manage with the
0.3.12 for the October Chemnitz event, where we are invited again to
participate, not to mention that its the time for such release.

Right now, in my opinion we should decide without futher delay on the
- reviewing the REGRESSION list, this is - to confirm entries with 0.3.12
milestone already set, as well as doublecheck the rest, to see if any should
be promoted to said milestone. This is the action of most utter importance,
as there is no way to know how much time will be spent on futher research,
testing and fixing them;
- decide upon bugs originated with last ole/comctl sync - are we haxing them
locally, risking another winesync or perhaps reverting?
- reviewing patches stored at http://www.reactos.org/wiki/Bug_Filters as
well as deciding if any should be adapted for current release.

Those actions, first of them especially, should be performed as swift as
possible, else we might risk considerable delay and nervous finish before
the Chemnitz.
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