[ros-dev] August meeting

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Wed Aug 24 09:30:32 UTC 2011

this is a reminder about the Status meeting, which is to happen  
tomorrow, 25th of August at 19:00 UTC. Please don't miss it.

Proposed agenda for the meeting:
1. Arwinss adoption voting.
2. CMake adoption voting.
3. Release preparation status report, deciding on the next release date.
4. Driver signing. Discussing possible threats and deciding on an  
official position wrt driver signing in future.
4. Party related to GSoC results.

I propose to move individual devs status reports to ros-dev mailing  
list, because there is no reason to just sit in the irc channel and  
listen to them for hours.

List of participants:
- Giannis Adamopoulos (smiley1_)
- Johannes Anderwald (janderwald)
- Javier Agustìn Fernàndez Arroyo (elhoir)
- Maciej Bialas (niski)
- Jan Blomqvist-Kinander (JaixBly)
- Aleksey Bragin (abragin)
- Thomas Faber (ThFabba)
- Colin Finck (Colin_Finck)
- Jérôme Gardou (zefklop)
- Danny Götte (dangerground)
- Cameron Gutman (aicom)
- Ziliang Guo (ZWabbit)
- Rafal Harabien (rafalh)
- Andrew Hill (ash77)
- Kamil Hornicek (Pigglesworth)
- Gabriel Ilardi (gabriel_it)
- Alex Ionescu (Alex_Ionescu)
- Amine Khaldi (AmineKhaldi)
- Igor Koshpaev (tower)
- Timo Kreuzer (tkreuzer)
- Matthias Kupfer (Collibri)
- Michael Martin (mjmartin)
- Victor Martinez (vicmarcal)
- Roel Messiant (Mephisto)
- Claudiu Mihail (KlausM)
- Andrew Munger (WaxDragon)
- Ged Murphy (GedMurphy)
- Igor Paliychuk (igorko)
- Sylvain Petreolle (Usurp)
- Hervé Poussineau (hpoussin)
- Daniel Reimer (dreimer)
- Pierre Schweitzer (HeisSpiter)
- Samuel Serapion (encoded)
- Olaf Siejka (Caemyr)
- James Tabor (jimtabor)
- Christoph von Wittich (Christoph_vW)
- Art Yerkes (arty)

Aleksey Bragin.

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