[ros-dev] Getting a Windows Server 2003 license for the project?

Roel Messiant roelmessiant at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 16:37:25 UTC 2011


2011/1/17 Colin Finck <colin at reactos.org>:
> Come on folks, I'd like to hear your opinions as well. Pierre can't be the
> only one who still performs testing under Windows. At least I hope so.. ;-)

Not much more to add to what he said. I'm not against a later version
either though, if they have additional kernel-mode features we want to
implement, but that's maybe more of a long-term opinion.

> By the way, I also got the idea of using a second Windows Home Server
> license to regularly run the Winetests against NT 5.2. Would be too bad if
> they actually contain wrong assumptions and not our code.

Wine already performs testing on several Win2K3 setups, so this would
mostly be duplicate effort.


Roel Messiant

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