[ros-dev] After the release

Olaf Siejka caemyr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 15:28:36 UTC 2011


I would like to point out to actions in my opinion necessary to be done
after the release:

1. Syncing:

Starting a new development/release cycle is the best moment for winesync to
be performed. Syncing early will give us much time to find and wipe all
Wine-originated bugs, which are simply unavoidable. The Winesync itself
should be spreaded to as many revisions as its possible/feasible, as it will
help out testers to regress-test any issues more precisely.

Before Winesync can be performed, CMake branch should be synchronized with
current trunk and the revision synchronized - locked up as reference frame
for any Trunk-CMake comparison tests.
We would not want CMake effort to be delayed due to any issues with WINE
code in trunk.

2. Patches

Now guys, i know i`m repeating myself, but please be warned that i will not
drop this issue. The way our project is handling patches from outside is
absolutely counterproductive. This is the only way new devs can be recruited
and get commit access, but delays in reviewing and even reacting to patches
is disgraceful. We are driving away potential newcomers, something no one
should wonder about, if it often takes months for someone to write down a
simple question about the patch content... We are risking a potential
project dawnfall if we continue doing this way. I know you are busy with
real life, project and other stuff, but seriously, this approach will only
make things even more difficult. I did all things i could think of to help
you out. Patches are now clearly tagged, listed in accessible way (
http://www.reactos.org/wiki/Bug_Filters ), i even tried to filter them,
moving old and questionable stuff into separate directory (WIP aka Work in
progress). Right now i took the more direct step of assigning patches to
devs personally. It might be questionable, please react in such cases and
comment, i will gladly relocate, but please do react. Due to Daniel recent
issues and lack of free time, i volunteered for commit translation patches,
at least those that can be done easily. Next thing planned here, is a
builder dedicated to patch testing, but this is just a rough plan for futher
discussion. I would be grateful for ANY feedback from you, perhaps some
things could be done better/differently.

Thanks in advance for your comments
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