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Rafał H rafalh1992 at o2.pl
Sat Mar 26 10:42:34 UTC 2011

> We use SIZE_T throughout the kernel, so I don't understand why change a  
> couple of places (out of thousands) to size_t ? Is there an  
> incompatibility between strsafe headers and that type? Then it would  
> need fixing instead.

There is incompatibility. SIZE_T is defined to ULONG_PTH and size_t is  
unsigned int. I checked it in MSDN too and they have the same definitions.  
Old ntstrsafe.h API was using SIZE_T but documentation and MS headers use  
there size_t.

Dnia 26-03-2011 o 10:56:02 Aleksey Bragin <aleksey at reactos.org> napisał(a):

> Also not sure if that was on purpose, but you also removed null- 
> termination in ex/init.c, but it's not mentioned in the commit message.

I didn't remove NULL-termination. Please read correctly. It was moved up  
to else statement (line 1413) because it's needed only there. Safe string  
API always NULL-terminates strings.

Best regards,
Rafał Harabień

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