[ros-dev] Re : [ros-diffs] [tkreuzer] 53399: [VMWINST] Fix amd64 build [NTDLL] add missing amd64 specific exports [MSVCRT*] Fix mangled c++ exports for amd64 [OLEAUT32] Add amd64 adm stub for call_method, fix MSVC/amd64 buil...

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sun Sep 4 17:41:16 UTC 2011

Op 4-9-2011 19:21, Sylvain Petreolle schreef:
> Vmwinst was meant to work with old vmware layout, and it grabbed the files automatically.
> Now you have to extract the files from the MSI package in order to have it working,
> which is far from a convenient way.

If "vmwinst.exe" or the "new hardware wizard" would accept a directory 
with the VMware drivers, great. Setup phase 2 VMWINST definately doesn't 
work (for later ISO, as you mention above), so you're right it's 
pointless there. Being able to supply a USB flash disk, floppy, 
harddrive directory or some custom directory with the proper drivers, 
would be nice.

Or alternatively, 'just' have the MSI file work properly (which is 
horribly difficult or this situation wouldn't exist in the first place)

> I don't know what is the benefit to use vmware's video driver either, as we can now switch video resolution on the fly.

Hardware Acceleration ? 3D Hardware OpenGL? Proper resolutions (for 
widescreens) ? A generic/universal/simple VESA driver has its limitations.

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