[ros-dev] Monthly meeting - February

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Tue Feb 21 17:30:48 UTC 2012

Let me invite you to the monthly status meeting taking place last 
Thursday of this month, 23rd of February, 19:00 UTC.

The meeting will be at irc://fezile.reactos.org  (Port 6667, no SSL) in 
the channel #meeting. Note that the IRC service will only be started 
shortly before the meeting. Your participation passwords will be emailed 
to you shortly before the meeting starts.
If someone still is not getting passwords sent before a meeting - please 
email Colin or Pierre before the meeting started to get one.

In order to save time, let's choose who is going to be the minute taker 
on the upcoming meeting. Volunteers welcome.

Proposed agenda for the meeting:
1. Release status: 0.3.15
2. New website status and migration plans.
3. CMake migration and finally abandoning RBuild.
4. 0.3.14 release party.

More suggestions are welcome as usual.

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

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