[ros-dev] Cmake result differences

Kamil Hornicek kamil.hornicek at reactos.org
Wed Feb 29 11:09:09 UTC 2012

Dbg-win ISOs contain winetests, hence their bigger size. Also if you 
compare build times (http://build.reactos.org/waterfall) you will find 
out that the windows build slave is faster than the linux one, so 
dbg-win builds are actually available sooner despite their size.


Dne 28.2.2012 21:18, Bernd Blaauw napsal(a):
> I was wondering why the Cmake results are different between the
> Windows/ReactOS and Unix/Linux platforms. The compressed trunk CD images
> available for download differ by about 6MB.
> Expecting identical output (checksums, file sizes) on different
> platforms even with the same compiler isn't realistic ofcourse but above
> mentioned 6MB is a bit much.
> Creating dbgwin-builds makes sense, but if the Unix builder builds
> faster and smaller builds, and makes them earlier available for
> download, what's the point in making the Windows build available
> publicly? Would it make more sense to offer MSVC builds if
> license-technical allowed? Or automated builds of CLT-type (combined
> installCD + liveCD) ?
> Bernd
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