[ros-dev] Rasberry Pi

Maya Posch maya at nyanko.ws
Wed Jan 11 13:08:13 UTC 2012

Yeah, the higher-level code should work without issues on the Pi 
considering it has an MMU and FPU. Converting the ASM to ARM-style ASM 
will be the key and I'm not qualified to make any assumptions there.

Are there any fundamental issues with porting the existing ASM code in 
ROS to an ARMv6Z architecture?


(2012/01/11 14:01), Igor Paliychuk wrote:
> Looks like Raspberry Pi will became very popular and it's a big chance
> for promoting ReactOS(if there will be an effort to port it to
> ARMv6Z). I'm not very familiar with multiplatform coding so correct me
> if i'm wrong: the main idea in porting ReactOS to ARM is replacing ASM
> code into C in parts where it's possible and use ARM ASM where it's
> not possible.
> So switching between different ARM versions should be mainly just
> matter of ASM syntax. And this is not so hard (afaik) as converting
> ASM to C.
> 2012/1/11, Maya Posch<maya at nyanko.ws>:
>> If the Wikipedia page on ARM 11 is to be believed
>> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM11), then even the original Nvidia
>> Tegra uses this architecture, but aside from the Raspberry Pi I am not
>> aware of any ARM11-based platform out there which might be useful for
>> ROS, unless someone wants to run it on a smartphone.
>> I think at this point one has to look at the features provided by the
>> ARMv6Z architecture and see whether it suffices for ROS's ARM port. If
>> it's too much of a bother to work around issues, then don't use it.
>> Maya
>> (2012/01/11 13:41), Ged Murphy wrote:
>>> I thought Windows supported v5 -- v7?
>>> Anyway, I realise that the Raspberry Pi uses the dated v6
>>> architecture, but the killer thing here is the $25 price tag.
>>> There's also the BeagleBoard which is slightly cheaper than the
>>> PandaBoard, and also uses the A8/v7 chip. But at $149 I really don't
>>> see it shifting the same number of units as the raspberry boards. I
>>> already know quite a lot of people who are wanting to personally buy
>>> quite a few for fun and potential uses.
>>> Maybe the development effort for a v6 port isn't worth it, but I think
>>> it's worth keeping an eye on the sales figures because the demand for
>>> these things seems huge. Potentially, that's a large number of
>>> developers which might be attracted to reactos.
>>> Ged
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>>> It's a generation-lagging ARM11 -- Windows and iOS don't support these
>>> kind of chips anymore (called ARMv6) because of major lacking
>>> functionality. The ARMv6K (which I'm not sure the Pi uses) is probably
>>> the minimum you'd want to use, and I know the ROS ARM port was
>>> retargeted to ARMv7 which has been out for almost 3-4 years now.
>>> The PandaBoard, which is 179$, so definitely more expensive, is a much
>>> better platform for such a port -- it's an A9/v7 (successor to A8/v7,
>>> successor to ARMv6K, successor to ARM6...) and has dual-core, 1GB of
>>> RAM, a GPU, a DSP, and more... still a bargain for 179$ if you ask me
>>> though.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Alex Ionescu
>>> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Ged Murphy
>>> <gedmurphy.maillists at gmail.com<mailto:gedmurphy.maillists at gmail.com>>
>>> wrote:
>>> It looks like the model B boards are now in manufacture.
>>> http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/509
>>> There are only 10k being made being made in this batch and demand is
>>> really high, so I doubt they'll last longer than a few minutes.
>>> With only 256MB RAM available, I doubt Windows 8 will ever run on it
>>> although Windows Embedded Compact 7 might.
>>> I know the reactos arm port is still a way off, but this could be a
>>> golden opportunity for reactos.
>>> At $25 per computer, they're gonna sell hundreds of thousands of these
>>> things and most buyers will be enthusiasts/developers.
>>> Ged.
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