[ros-dev] Proposal for FF support drop

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 15 17:16:15 UTC 2012

On 15.01.2012 16:51, Bernd Blaauw wrote:
> Op 15-1-2012 16:34, Andrew Faulds schreef:
>> Why not just drop support for FF entirely from rapps? I'd say better
>> no browser than a terribly outdated one.
>> If users want FF they can do this:
>> C:\ReactOS> ftp
>> ftp> open ftp.mozilla.org
>> ftp> cd pub/firefox/releases/8.0/win32/en-GB
>> ftp> get Firefox Setup 8.0.exe
> You're a version behind already ^^
> Perhaps they should create a "/current" or "/latest" and offer "FireFox
> Setup.exe" there.

At least on their "high bandwidth FTP server" releases.mozilla.org (see 
the message when opening ftp.mozilla.org in a web browser) there is a 
"latest" in their FireFox folder: 


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