[ros-dev] [project-tools] Revision 1363: [ROSBE-UNIX] Implement support for pre-build & post-build hook scripts in RosBE-Unix.

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Sat Jan 28 22:30:11 UTC 2012

pschweitzer at svn.reactos.org wrote:
 > touch boot/bootdata/packages/reactos.dff.in

We can't put this one-liner into the CMakeLists.txt file?
execute_process should do the job if there is no "touch" command in 
CMake itself.

Your change makes RosBE depend on a very specific file in a very 
specific path of the source tree (=> tree change only possible with an 
updated RosBE). In addition, these hooks separate the build logic 
between CMake and RosBE and pave the way for even more source tree 
dependent changes in RosBE. I like to avoid this.

- Colin

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