[ros-diffs] [peterw] 30940: - Update the changelog.

peterw at svn.reactos.org peterw at svn.reactos.org
Sat Dec 1 19:37:12 CET 2007

Author: peterw
Date: Sat Dec  1 21:37:12 2007
New Revision: 30940

URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos?rev=30940&view=rev
- Update the changelog.


Modified: trunk/tools/RosBE/RosBE-Windows/Root/ChangeLog.txt
URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos/trunk/tools/RosBE/RosBE-Windows/Root/ChangeLog.txt?rev=30940&r1=30939&r2=30940&view=diff
--- trunk/tools/RosBE/RosBE-Windows/Root/ChangeLog.txt (original)
+++ trunk/tools/RosBE/RosBE-Windows/Root/ChangeLog.txt Sat Dec  1 21:37:12 2007
@@ -5,8 +5,13 @@
 - Updated RosBE Configuration Tool. (Pierre Schweitzer)
    - Added help strings when mouse is over a control. (Pierre Schweitzer)
-   - Improved check for log directory (Pierre Schweitzer) 
+   - Improved check for log directory (Pierre Schweitzer)
+- Add a pushd/popd to options.cmd so that options.exe pulls up a better default path for MinGW/GCC. (Peter Ward)
+- Set the working directory for the "Options" shortcut correctly (see above bullet). (Colin Fink)
+- Add back detection of previous versions of RosBE (versions 0.3.5b2 and before). (Peter Ward)
+- Fix the uninstall previous routine. (Peter Ward)
+- Fix a bug in TimeDate.cmd. (Peter Ward)
 - Fix a bug in reladdr2line.cmd. (Peter Ward)
 - Change the default ReactOS source directory from APPDATA\RosBE\Source to PROFILE\reactos. (Peter Ward)
 - Remove the installation and APPDATA\RosBE directories on uninstall which weren't being removed. (Peter Ward)

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