[ros-general] ReactOS 0.3.0 TODO

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Tue Jul 13 00:24:58 CEST 2004

Mark IJbema wrote:

>As i said before i like it best when each release has one distinguising
>feature (even subreleases). The obvious feature for 0.3.0 would be
>networking, so even though it would be nice that say SEH works (which i
>understood is really sweet, but says nothing to end users i think) and
>that openoffice works, i think we should bring it as the big networking
Agreed. BTW, according to my knowledge SEH already works, just we don't 
use it for the system calls yet.

>So imho 'networking' should work. So a user should get the feeling
>networking works. So for this above mentioned apps which should work:
>rather define a set of clients here, if tcp/ip works cvs should work,
>but of course not every client will, so maybe limit it to cvs
>commandline, wincvs and tortoisecvs?
I'm unsure about pushing TortoiseCVS for 0.3.0. Not matter how much I 
like it, it's a shell extension and it might require a lot of work.

>here this is even more true, we should pick a few, most importantly mirc
>and probably a open-source one, like xchat?
mIRC already works. For the second one I would vote for TinyIRC, but I'm 
a bit biased here. ;-)

>I'm missing email here (second most used internet application?), so
>maybe we could add thunderbird as well?
Why not postpone this to some 0.3.x release? Of course if we will have 
Firefox running, Thunderbird is only a small step, but as you said we 
should concentrate on one bigger feature.


>All other applications working (like openoffice) would be very nice, but
>i don't see why it should be a goal for 0.3.0.
<kidding type="slightly">Why not make OpenOffice working before 

>Of course i understand
>lots of people won't agree on the focussing on one feature, but i think
>it will make for better headlines, and mouth-to-mouth ('networking on
>ros works' is a lot easier to tell around than a list of apps working).
I tend to agree.


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