[ros-general] error message loops

jh replies at mrnobody.uklinux.net
Sun Mar 21 18:50:01 CET 2004

     I have tried to install 7zip in ros and everything seems to go ok until a error window pops up with the message " ERROR_LOADING SETUPAPI.DLL ". There is a ok button, which when clicked, closes the window for it to then reappear. If you then click on it again it just keeps coming back again. After about 6 attempts the window will close.

    Another problem encountered at the start, was, if the installer message window was over the explorer window, then when the button was clicked on, the window became entwined in the explorer window and nothing happened. If the window was moved away from the explorer window first, then the button was clicked on, the next stage of the install proceeded. This does not happen if the installer is run from the command prompt window.

Install method: from cd by double clicking on the file " 7zip224,exe " in ros explorer.

Is this info of any help to anyone.

System: Pentium 3 450Mgz with 64mb ram running ros 0.2.1


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