[ros-general] Splash Issue #1

Zach reactos at tong-web.com
Thu Nov 18 12:19:01 CET 2004

Hi all,

KJK::Hyperion -  The reason that this format was chosen was because I 
*had* do follow the format imposed by Kernel Traffic (their XML 
format).  I have no idea how Zack Brown of Kernel Traffic parses his XML 
into XHTML/HTML, so I did what I could.  At first I tried using CSS like 
you mentioned, and also learned just as you did that it is impossible.  
As you said, CSS doesnt like attributes, and IE dislikes those 
attributes in CSS even more.  It was a disastor in IE.

So I started looking for other means to display this XML format (which I 
have no control over) in a browser.  XSLT seemed the choice, though I 
don't know much about it (nor do I do much CSS work either).  So the 
result is as you see, apologies for those that have Opera.

Anyhow, there is an easy, simple fix for the problem.  XSL 
transformations just need to take place at the server instead of the 
client.  Unfortunately, my hosting doesn't give me root access to 
install xsltproc, nor will they install it themselves.  This was one of 
the issues I wanted to talk to the ReactOS web dev's about, since it 
would make everyone's life a lot easier (getting XHTML over the line 
instead of XML to be transformed).

And yes, it is supposed to be read from the browser.

Stefan Pfluger:  Thanks for the mistake.  As to RSS, that should not be 
difficult.  Just create another XSL sheet to transform the XML into RSS 
instead of XHTML (lots of acronyms in that sentence!).  I'll look into 
doing it when I get some time.

Which brings up a point I was thinking about.  Kernel Traffic and WineHQ 
publish weekly "issues".  I was going to do this, but it might not be 
the best.  Instead of issues, I could just post continuous news items 
"blog style".  Please let me know which you would prefer.

Thanks for all the feedback,

KJK::Hyperion wrote:

> At 05.32 18/11/2004, you wrote:
>> http://www.tong-web.com/splash/index.xml
> please don't create XML documents that require a validating parser 
> (e.g. with an XSL stylesheet). Several clients (notably Opera) don't 
> use a validating parser, so us poor saps only see random undelimited 
> text. I'll try making you a CSS stylesheet, it doesn't look hard
>> It follows the format that is used by by Kernel Traffic, so should 
>> integrate there as well
> I'm not familiar with the concept - is the newsletter supposed to be 
> readable from a browser?

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