[ros-general] Splash Issue #2

Thomas Weidenmueller thomas at reactsoft.com
Wed Nov 24 23:08:54 CET 2004

Zach wrote:

> The new issue is out.
> http://www.tong-web.com/splash/
> There are a lot of new changes.  First and foremost, there is now a 
> frontpage that points to latest and archived versions.  All files are 
> HTML now (precompiled via Saxon XSL on my computer) so no more worries 
> about compatability with client side parsing (Opera, and any others).  
> There is also a mailing list manager now, so I can send an email to 
> the list on updates.
> Side note.  Should I continue to post issue updates here?
> -Zach Tong
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You should propably ask Ge to get access to the webserver and store the 
files on the reactos.com server. Thanks for doing this, great work!


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