[ros-general] Must Read!!!! Msi.dll and Bison Alert!!!!

Patrick Mauritz oxygene at studentenbude.ath.cx
Tue Nov 30 22:54:21 CET 2004

Am Dienstag, 30. November 2004 20:23 schrieb Thomas Weidenmueller:
> I'm totally against that. The project IMO should build with the standard
> build system - i literally hate projects that need this tool, that tool,
> yet another tool, ....
bison is an implementation of yacc(1), which is pretty standard - put other 
way: is there another standard tool(set, yacc usually goes with lex) for the 
job of building parsers in C?

the good news is that it tends to produce output that's portable, so unless 
that change is doing something wierd, it might be good enough to commit its 
output, too.

patrick mauritz
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