[ros-general] Re: Icon submission

mf mf at mufunyo.net
Sun Oct 16 13:05:02 CEST 2005

Mikko Tikkanen wrote:

> Well, quite frankly, you could do that a WHOLE lot nicer way. If you
> have to state publicly that if you are not professional stay away or
> get bashed then you are heading the wrong way. You could have wrote
> simple instructions for the people wanting to help, instead you wrote
> how good you are, how much you have done and how you are going to bash
> anyone who tries to submit anything. No matter how I watch that it
> just isn't constructive. You could have proposed something like icon
> submission board where certain people could just vote if they like
> certain icon or not, ergo making your life easier, but again you
> didn't.. You just decided to bash the people who are TRYING to help.

I don't know if it's the language barrier or anything else, but you seem 
to WANT to interpret my text incorrectly. Anyone who has ever published 
an iconset on wincustomize or whatever is good enough. It is just that 
you need to have SOME kind of experience, because a lot of people are 
going like "icons, heck that must be easy-- I can whip up something in 
Photoshop in 5 minutes!", with no prior knowhow. You seem to think the 
people I try to explain to in a friendly manner that their effort is 
best invested elsewhere are the people that have something useful to 
give. No, the ones that have something useful to give, I have outlined 
details and guidelines for. I don't know if "being nice" in finnish 
means "kissing butt", but in England and in my country, it doesn't. I've 
written it as friendly as I could while still getting my point across. 
Interpret it ANY damn way you want, but it is not "writing how good I 
am, how much I have done and how I am going to bash anyone that tries to 
submit anything". No, I'm not that good, but I do have experience. No, I 
haven't done much, but at least I've taken on a responsibility to finish 
a job. And again, I won't bash anyone, I will simply not accept stuff 
that is not made by someone who doesn't know what they are doing, 
because that way ReactOS will come in 5 flavors, apple, cranberry, nuts, 
licorice and chocolate, and all mixed together. I have yet to see a 
single icon submission which is even CLOSE to the existing new icons. 
One that isn't either some barfup of a $7 shareware icon editor, or one 
that is some XP lookalike. And another thing; tell me why icons are so 
important. Tell me why we should start accepting everyone and their 
dog's creations. Is it an immediate need? NO. People trying to help are 
very nice, but just as nice as someone who knows QBasic and starts 
hacking the kernel. There is a selection process for committers as well, 
you know. This is going to sound very selfish (though I don't mean it 
that way): I don't need help at the moment. In my gentle pace of one 
icon at a time I will get it done, because I started early. There is no 
hurry whatsoever. It is not that I consider myself oh so great and I 
want full credit for any icon ever made for ReactOS. I just want 
something that looks consistent. And for that, you need artists that a) 
know what they're doing, and b) know the difference between XP and OSX 
(what, they both contain an X?). If you look on sites like wincustomize 
and deviantart, there are MORE than enough people that qualify for that, 
and that doesn't at all mean we need to accept any less.
And you know? You seem to have a FAIRLY big mouth for someone that 
hasn't done jack shit except moan and rant and cause trouble. I suggest 
you tone down until you have actually DONE anything for this project.
As for the trash can, shut up. It is not a finished icon, it is not 
submitted to SVN, and 
_we_don't_even_have_such_functionality_in_reactos_. It is the most 
irrelevant thing you could ever think of coming up with.


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