[ros-general] My intent to participate in Summer of Code 2006

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Sun Apr 30 17:39:49 CEST 2006

I dont suggest writing a driver. I think you should look through 
windows/system32 folder at all the command line apps and pick one out 
you want to try anf finish. That is the best idea for someone with the 
experince you have I think. Or you can pick a few easy ones and do them 
as a package. If this sounds like an idea you might like to do, and want 
help looking for command line apps you might be able to work on, let me 
know and I can help you look.


Michael DePaulo wrote:

> Hello,
> I am sending this to let people know that I intend to participate in 
> the Google Summer of Code 2006 for ReactOS, and to see if anybody has 
> any suggestions for a beginner programmer like me.
> Allow me to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me as 
> mikedep333 already. My name is Michael DePaulo, I am just finishing my 
> 1^st year at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (US). 
> I know English and some Spanish. I consider this project to be a great 
> idea and I hope to see it do a lot better. So far I have been trying 
> to help it out by answering visitor questions on #reactos, entering 
> info into the wiki, and whatnot, but I intend to actually start coding 
> for this project with such a worthy vision.
> Unfortunately I only have taken one introductory programming course, 
> and it was only in Java, although I have a relatively good 
> understanding of the components of Windows and how they work together. 
> I also am pretty familiar with GNU/linux and mingw. Therefore I need 
> to determine what I would be capable of doing with my limited 
> experience and selecting the best part of ROS to work on in time for 
> the SoC application deadline (May 8^th .) I was thinking of working on 
> an application bundled with ROS (which should work with wine too) such 
> as wordpad or imagesoft, (which is like MS paint), both of which are 
> being done by Ged Murphy at the moment. My friend suggested writing a 
> driver like for NICs since we already have the pcnet and ne2000 ones 
> to act as templates and I’d just be working with an interface, but I 
> was under the impression that writing drivers in general requires a 
> lot of experience and you risk crashing the kernel a lot.
> Even if I cannot complete a SoC project, I still intend to help code 
> for this project this summer. I will continue to help develop it 
> onwards too.
> If anyone has any advice or anything else to tell me, feel free to 
> share it. I can be found in #reactos usually and will be checking 
> ros-general pretty closely.
> Also, I know that everyone around here uses the quotation style of 
> using only a portion of text above what you’re about to say with the > 
> next to it. Until evolution or mozilla lightning works with my new 
> palm, I will be using Outlook 2003 primarily. Is there a way to easily 
> quote using that method in outlook?
> Best Regards,
> Mike DePaulo
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